Fact-Checking Policy



At The Bharat Khabar, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable news and information to our readers. In today's digital age, where misinformation spreads quickly, fact-checking plays a crucial role in upholding journalistic integrity. This Fact-Checking Policy outlines our principles and procedures for verifying the accuracy of information published on www.thebharatkhabar.com: https://www.thebharatkhabar.com.

Our Commitment to Fact-Checking:

Pre-Publication: We employ a multi-layered fact-checking process before publishing any content. This includes:

Internal fact-checking: Editors and journalists are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information through reliable sources, cross-referencing, and consulting with experts.

Third-party fact-checking tools: We may utilize fact-checking databases and verification platforms to corroborate information.

Expert consultation: When necessary, we consult with subject-matter experts to verify claims and ensure factual accuracy.

Post-Publication: We remain vigilant in addressing potential inaccuracies even after publication. This includes:

Monitoring feedback: We encourage readers to submit corrections and fact-checking requests, which are promptly reviewed by our editorial team.

Independent auditing: We may periodically engage with independent fact-checking organizations to audit our content and methods.

Fact-Checking Principles:

Transparency: We strive to be transparent in our fact-checking process. We may include fact-checking notes within articles, link to source materials, and disclose any limitations in our verification efforts.

Non-partisanship: Our fact-checking is conducted with objectivity and impartiality. We do not engage in fact-checking based on political ideology or personal opinions.

Evidence-based: We base our fact-checking on verifiable evidence, such as credible sources, official data, and expert opinions. We avoid relying on hearsay, speculation, or unsubstantiated claims.

Contextual understanding: We recognize that facts can be interpreted differently depending on context. We aim to provide a fair and accurate representation of information within its specific context.


Addressing Errors:

We are committed to correcting any errors that may be identified in our content. When an error is found, we will:

Issue a correction notice: A clear and concise correction notice will be appended to the original article, highlighting the error and providing the corrected information.

Update the article: In some cases, the article may be updated to reflect the correct information.

Inform readers: We may notify readers who raised concerns about the error through email or social media platforms.

Contact Us:

 If you have any questions or concerns about our Fact-Checking Policy, please feel free to contact us at thebharatkhabarweb@gmail.com.

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